Introducing Fantasy Venture Capital
Sand Hill Exchange is the world's first fantasy startup investment marketplace. You can participate in emerging growth-stage companies and identify the next unicorns. Our unique platform is powered by a community of tech enthusiasts like you. Through crowdsourced streaming market data, Sand Hill Exchange provides real-time news and insights to measure the pulse of Silicon Valley.
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Just like a real VC, you can manage a fund and build a portfolio from our comprehensive database of your favorite early-stage companies. Study historical pricing information and participate in active discussions on each company's trajectory.
Sand Hill Exchange offers data-driven indicators of private company performance. Market prices fluctuate in value in response to real-time trader activity. Every company has a story, and it's best told by an open marketplace.
Demonstrate that you can outperform institutional investors by tracking your performance against the community. Buy and sell contracts based on startup growth milestones. You can exit a position at any time -- it's as easy as trading stocks in real life.
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Why Sand Hill Exchange?

Emerging growth companies have long been an illiquid and inaccessible investment opportunity, with some returns taking nearly a decade to materialize, if at all. What more, these opportunities are only available to privileged investors.

We believe startup participation can and should be open to everybody. Our marketplace demonstrates the illuminating potential of democratizing the startup fundraising process. Sand Hill Exchange market consensus represents the most accurate prediction of startup growth ever devised.

Learn about industry trends
with our community of investors.
Make data-driven decisions
on thousands of private companies.
Make real-time decisions
on a highly-transparent exchange.
Outperform VC Firms
and learn about the fundraising process.